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  1. I am a active member of post 555 American Legion. I am in the process working with the Veteran Administration with making sure all veterans have a military marker and flag at their grave site. I am covering Sackett cemetery, Clemons cemetery, St. Joseph’s cemetery and St. Mary’s cemetery in the Marblehead/Lakeside area. I would if possible like a list of the union soldiers that were at Johnson’s Island during the civil war.
    Thank You Very Much,
    Marty Stys U.S.M.C. veteran

    1. Thank you
      Go to the top page of web site and click on History & Pows the go to Civil war Era then you’ll find the Union Guard Garrison information. Go to the very bottom of page. Hope that helps.

      Take Care

      Tom Vickers

  2. Hello. Five of my ancestors were prisoners on Johnson Island in 1862, and one of them, Samuel Ash, was the first prisoner to die in the camp. Records that I have found indicate that no one knows where he is buried. I plan to visit this summer, and I am hoping to find out more information. I look forward to learning more about this chapter in my ancestors’ histories.

  3. My great grandfather Elias Ellis Dismukes was a prisoner at Johnson’s island for 14 months being released at the end of the war. Do you have any records of prisoners?

    1. Sorry the list we have is about 2,000 prisoners and that name is not listed. Send me more info like what State, Regiment, Residents, he was from anything that might help our search and confirm he’s spelling of name.

    2. Check under the History & Pows at the top of the web site. Go to Civil war Era and check from time to time for he’s information. We try to add names when we have the documents.

  4. Hi Thank you your note. They do have events for the Veterans a few times a year
    And they also place Wreaths on the graves once a year. They also place Flags on
    The graves at different times thru out the year. Visitors also place there State
    Flags on different headstone’s thru out the year.

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