2 thoughts on “Buttons So Many Buttons”

  1. Is there anything special for families of the Union Guards at JI? My great grandfather was a guard—128th co.k. Do you have any information on Moses Dildine?? He was a private and he later stayed at the soldier and sailor’s home in Sandusky. Also do you have a store or catalog? Thank you!!

    1. Thank You for the information on your great Grandfather.
      We don’t have he’s information.
      If you have any information on him we are always collecting
      Information on the Guards and POWs that were here on
      Johnson’s Island.
      The Museum at the Soldier and Sailors home in Sandusky is
      Still closed due to the the Covid regulations.
      The Cemetery on Johnson’s island can be visited anytime.
      There is a $2 gate fee.

      Thank you

      Tom Vickers

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