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Barbiere List

This information comes from Joe Barbiere’s list of prisoners of war, as published in Scraps from the Prison Table ¹. This list includes only those prisoners on Johnson’s Island prior to September of 1862. Prisoners on the island after this date are not listed.

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Paroled Prisoners Arrived in Prison
List of Commands in Prison

Prisoners Confined at Johnson’s Island, Last Names S

Name Rank Regiment Co Where Captured When Captured
*Saddler, A. D. 2nd Lieut. 3rd Mississippi E Fort Donaldson
Saffle, R. M. 1st Lieut. 26th Tennessee F Fort Donaldson
Sale, T. S. 2nd Lieut. 1st Tennessee Artillery Fort Donaldson
*Salmon, H. W. Captain 1st Missouri Cavalry Versailles, Mo. Dec. 3, 1861
Sample, W. T. Captain 30th Tennessee F Fort Donaldson
Sams, J. Private 29th Tennessee K Mills Spring
Sanders, J. M. Captain 11th Arkansas C Island 10
Sanford, J. H. 2nd Lieut. 1st Alabama A Island 10
Sanford, M. A. Private 1st Alabama A Island 10
Sanders, F. F. Captain 3rd Mississippi K Fort Donaldson
Sayer, A. Citizen Warsaw Dec. 26, 1861
Sayer, J. M. Citizen Warsaw Dec. 26, 1861
Schneeider, T. Lieut. 20th Louisiana Shiloh, Tennessee April 7, 1862
Scott, C. 2nd Lieut. 28th North Carolina Hanover C.H. May 27, 1862
Scott, J. D. Captain. 41st Tennessee C Fort Donaldson
Scott, F. T. 1st Lieut. 11th Arkansas G Island 10.
Scott, T. J. 2nd Lieut. 8th Kentucky H Fort Donaldson
Subert, J. L. 1ST Lieut. 31st Virginia Bloomery Gap, Va. Feb. 14, 1862
Sellers, V. J. Lieut. Morgan’s Cavalry Lebanon, Tenn. May 5, 1862
Sellers, W. F. Private 50th Virginia D Carnifax Ferry Sept. 13, 1861
Selvage, W. R. 1st Lieut. 11th Arkansas E Island 10
Sewell, W. M. Private 15th Mississippi Fishing Creek
Sexton, E. G. Captain 50th Tennessee H Fort Donaldson
*Seymoure, R. 1st Lieut. 10th Tennessee K Fort Donaldson
Shackleford, W. A. H. Captain 26th Mississippi H Fort Donaldson
Shackleford, T. H. Captain 1st Alabama, Tenn. and Miss. E Island 10
Shacklet, A.R. Captain 8th Kentucky H Fort Donaldson
Shankley, J. H. 3rd Lieut. 55th Tennessee H Island 10
Sharp, M. D. M. 2nd Lieut. 26th Mississippi E Fort Donaldson
Sharp, H. K. W. 1st Lieut. 55th Tennessee A Island 10
Sharp, J. G. Captain 26th Mississippi E Fort Donaldson
Shaw, B. F. 2nd. Lieut. 49th Tennessee K Fort Donaldson
Shawhau, T. S. Private 1st Kentucky Cavalry A Paintsville,Ky. Jan. 10, 1862
Shearin, J. T. 2nd Lieut. 1st Alabama, Tenn. and Miss. K Island 10
Shepherd, D. T. Act H.S. Crescent, New Orleans Shiloh
Shepherd, J. A. 1st Lieut. 11th Arkansas A Island 10
Shepherd, M. N. 2nd Lieut. 11th Arkansas A Island 10
Sherter, W. B. Private 28th Tennessee F Fishing Creek
*Simmons, Jas. Captain Unattached Saline county, Mo. Dec. 7, 1861
Simonton, G. F. Adjutant 1st Mississippi Fort Donaldson
Simonton, J. M. Colonel 1st Mississippi Fort Donaldson
Simpson, C. N. 1st Lieut. 3rd Mississippi I Fort Donaldson
Simpson, S. R. Q.M.S. 30th Tennessee Fort Donaldson
Simpson, W. M. Captain 1st Tennessee Bat. Fort Donaldson
Sims, M. L. 1st Lieut. Forrest Cavalry D Fort Donaldson
Sims, T. W. Captain 1st Georgia Fort Pulaski
Sistunk, A. J. 2nd Lieut. 1st Alabama, Tenn. and Miss. C Island 10
Skillman, W. H. 2nd Lieut. 2nd Kentucky Cavalry Lebanon May 5, 1862
Skinner, T. E. Act. Ord. 8th Kentucky Fort Donaldson
Slaughter, R. C. Captain 8th Kentucky A Fort Donaldson
*Smith, A. F. 2nd Lieut. 49th Tennessee A Fort Donaldson
Smith, E. M. 1st Lieut. 3rd Mississippi A Fort Donaldson
Smith, G. W. 2nd Lieut. 55th Tennessee F Island 10
Smith, G. W. Q.M.S. 26th Mississippi Fort Donaldson
Smith, H. C. Private 11th Arkansas G Island 10
Smith, J. M. Colonel 11th Arkansas Island 10
Smith, T. 2nd Lieut French Vrginia Artillery. Fort Donaldson.
Smith, W. J. S. Private. 11th Arkansas. G Island 10.
Smith, W. L. 2nd Lieut. 46th Tennessee H Island 10
Smith, W. M. 2nd Lieut. 27th Alabama A Fort Donaldson
Smith, W.R. Sergeant. 41st Tennessee. Fort Donaldson.
Smith, W.S. 2nd Lieut. 1st Alabama, Tenn. and Miss. F Island 10.
Smith, W.W. Ac. Mast. Conferdate States Navy. Island 10.
Snider, C. 2nd Lieut. 40th Tennessee. K Island 10.
Snodgrass, D. Captain. 1st Bat. Tennessee Infantry. D Fort Donaldson.
Soule, George Captain. Crescent City Guards. A Shiloh, Tenn.
Southall, R.M.G. 2nd Lieut. 10th Tennessee. K Fort Donaldson.
Spain, T.J. 2nd Lieut. 1st, Alabama, Tenn. and Miss. A Island 10.
Sparkman, J.M. 1st Lieut. Maney’s Bat. Fort Donaldson.
Spear, E.J. 2nd Lieut. 18th Tennessee. H Fort Donaldson.
Spearz, E.F. 1st Lieut. 2nd Kentucky. G Fort Donaldson.
Speer, W.H.A. Captain 28th North Carolina. Hanover C.H.
Spencer, G.M. 2nd Lieut. Artillery. Fort Donaldson
Spencer, J.D. Citizen. Gallitin county, Ky. Dec. 27, 1861
Spencer, S. 1st Lieut. Issaquera Artillery. Fort Donaldson.
Spinks, W.L. 1st Lieut. 14th Mississippi. H Fort Donaldson.
Spardhir, W.H. 2nd Lieut. 30th Tennessee. E Fort Donaldson.
Stafford, F.M. Cadet. 4th Mississippi. Fort Donaldson.
Stankrewitz, P.K. Captain. Thetman’s Bat. Fort Donaldson.
Stark, G.M.R. 2nd Lieut. 30th Tennessee B Fort Donaldson.
Steel, T.H. 2nd Lieut. 51st Virginia. Gloomery Gap, Va. Feb. 14, 1862
Steele, J B. 2nd Lieut. 1st Bat. Arkansas Cavalry. E Fayetteville, Ark. Feb. 23, 1862
Steele, R.L. 1st Lieut. 32nd North Carolina. Hanover C.H.
Steele, T. Surgeon. 2nd Kentucky. Lexington, Ky. Jan. 21, 1862
Steel, W.T. Private. Forrest Cavalry. A Fort Donaldson
Stegin, J.H. Captain. 1st Georgia Fort Pulaski. April 11, 1862
Sterling, E.R. 2nd Lieut. 20th Mississippi. F Fort Donaldson.
Stevens, J.R. 2nd Lieut. 4th Mississippi. I Fort Donaldson.
Stewart, E.H. 2nd Lieut. 11th Arkansas C Island 10
Stewart, G. Serg. Maj. 26th Tennessee. Fort Donaldson
Stewart, John Captain. 89th Virginia Gloomery Gap.
Stewart, J.B. 2nd Lieut. 46th Tennessee. H Island 10
Stewart, W.A. 1st Lieut. 37th North Carolina Hanover C.H.
Stewart, W.E. Captain. 40th Tennessee. I Island 10.
Stinson, H.C. 2nd Lieut. Grave’s Bat. Fort Donaldson.
St. John, H.J. Captain. 18th Tennessee D Fort Donaldson.
St. John, M.E. 2nd Lieut. 18th Tennessee D Fort Donaldson.
*Stockell, C.H. 1s Lieut. 53rd Tennessee. Fort Donaldson.
Stodard, A.A. 2nd Lieut. 20th Mississippi. C Fort Donaldson. Feb. 16, 1862
Stowe, S.N. Captain. 28th North Carolina. B Hanover C.H.
Strebe, F. As.Surg. 20th Louisiana Shiloh.
Stuart, J.B. Captian. 27th Alabama. H Fort Donaldson
Stuart, J.E. Johnson’s co., Ky. Feb. 24, 1862
Stubbs, J.P. Captain. 1st Alabama. C Island 10.
Sudduth, A.D. 2nd Lieut. 3rd Mississippi K Fort Donaldson
Sullins, S.B. A.C.S. 1st Alababa. Island 10.
Sullivan, W.M. 1st Lieut. 48th Tennessee. G Fort Donaldson.
Sutton, J. D. N. 2nd Lieut. 25th Georgia. Fort Pulaski.
Swaffin, S. 2nd Lieut. 4th Mississippi F Fort Pulaski.
Swanson, J. M. Employe. Island 10.
Sweeney, William 1st Lieut. 10th Tennessee. G Fort Donaldson.
Sweeney W. J. 2nd Lieut. 40th Tennessee. G Island 10.
Smindoll, W. C. 2nd Lieut. 3rd Mississippi. I Fort Donaldson
Sykes, T. D. 1st Lieut. 20th Mississippi B Fort Donaldson
Symons, J. J. 1st Lieut. 1st Georgia. Fort Pulaski
Saffin, W. Lieut. Decatur, Ala.
Shadbum, R. A. 1st Lieut. Morgan’s Cavalry Lebanon, Tenn. May 5, 1862
Sprigg, J. T. Captain. Virginia. B Allegheny co., Va May 16, 1862
Steele, Thos. 1st Lieut. 4th Kentucky E Shiloh.
Swift, Joseph Ch. Eng. Confederate States Navy. Off Memphis. June 6, 1862
Sareleting, Peter As. Eng. Confederate States Navy. Off Memphis. June 6, 1862
Sryme, R. G. Captain. Virginia. Allegheny co., Va. May 16, 1862


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Paroled Prisoners Arrived in Prison
List of Commands in Prison

¹ Barbiere, Joe, Lieut. Col. Late C.S.A. Scraps from the Prison Table, at Camp Chase and Johnson’s Island. Doylestown, PA: W.W.H. Davis, Printer, 1868.

* The asterisk in front of a name denotes names of POW’s who are included in a second list titled “Casualties and changes among Commissioned Officers after exchange”. For more information about a specific POW with an asterisk, e-mail jipres@johnsonsisland.org.