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Barbiere List

This information comes from Joe Barbiere’s list of prisoners of war, as published in Scraps from the Prison Table ¹. This list includes only those prisoners on Johnson’s Island prior to September of 1862. Prisoners on the island after this date are not listed.

Prisoners Confined at Johnson’s Island: | A-B | C-D | E-G | H | I-L | M | N-R | S | T-Z |
Paroled Prisoners Arrived in Prison
List of Commands in Prison

Prisoners Confined at Johnson’s Island, Last Names T – Z

Name Rank Regiment Co Where Captured When Captured
Tabb, W. H. 1st Lieut. 14th Mississippi. G Fort Donaldson.
Talbott, L. W. 3rd Lieut. Forrest Cavalry. C Fort Donaldson.
Talliaferro, E. T. Surgeon 26th Tennessee. Fort Donaldson.
*Tally, J. 1st Lieut. Floyd’s Va. Artillery. Fort Donaldson.
*Taylor, J. Captain. 1st Tennessee Artillery. Fort Henry. Feb. 6, 1862
Taylor, J. M. Surgeon. 26th Mississippi Fort Donaldson
Taylor, N. J. Chaplian 14th Mississippi K Fort Donaldson
Taylor, S. T. Captain Virginia Militia Green Brier co., Va.
Teasly, L. W. 2nd Lieut. 49th Tennessee K Fort Donaldson
Tennett, G. W. 2nd Lieut. Confederate States Navy Fort Pulaski
Terry, B. D. 1st Lieut. Green’s Battery Fort Donaldson
Tharp, W. A. Captain. 46th Tennessee C Island 10.
Thomas, Arch 3rd Lieut. 30th Tennessee A Fort Donaldson
Thomas, C. Private 53rd Tennessee Fort Donaldson
Thomas, C. H. 1st Lieut. 2nd Kentucky C Fort Donaldson
Thomas, J.S. Private. 4th Arkansas Bat. B Island 10
Thomas, R. E. 2nd Lieut. 50th Tennessee. B Fort Donaldson
Tidmarsh, T. U. 1st Lieut. Artillery Island 10
Tidwell, F.L. 2nd Lieut. 7th Texas. G Fort Donaldson
Tillman, J. D. 2nd Lieut. Tennessee Infantry Island 10.
Titsworth, J. P. 1st Lieut. 1st Tennessee Battalion C Fort Donaldson
Thompson, E. B. Captain, 27th Alabama C Fort Donaldson
Thompson, E. B. 2nd Lieut. Manny’s Artillery. Fort Donaldson
Thompson, J. J. 2nd Lieut. Pt. Cupee Artillery B Island 10
Thompson, J. W. 2nd Lieut. 26th Mississippi A Fort Donaldson
*Thompson, J. S. A. Q. M. 3rd Mississippi Fort Donaldson
Thompson, M. V. 1st Lieut. 9th Bat. Tennessee Cavalry. Fort Donaldson
Thompson, S. M. Captain 10th Tennessee K Fort Donaldson
Towns, W. S. 2nd Lieut. 30th Tennessee G Fort Donaldson
Towsend, L. R. 2nd Lieut. 4th Mississippi. E Fort Donaldson
Tracey, E.G. 2nd Lieut. Floyd’s Va. Artillery. Fort Donaldson
Trepagnier, F. O. 3rd Lieut. Orleans Guards Bat. A Shiloh, Tenn. April 7, 1862
Trice, J.L. Captain 4th Kentucky B Shiloh, Tenn.
Trotter, A 2nd Lieut 14th Mississippi D Fort Donaldson
*Tryon, F 2nd Lieut 2nd Kentucky E Fort Donaldson
Tucker C.G. Captain 32nd Tennessee C Fort Donaldson
Tucker, H. H 2nd Lieut 32nd Tennessee C Fort Donaldson
Tucker, M.A. 2nd Lieut 55th Tennessee C Island 10
Tungett, W. H. 2nd Lieut 53rd Tennessee Fort Donaldson
Turner, C. 2nd Lieut 1st Tennessee Bat. Infantry C Fort Donaldson
*Turner, J. C. 1st Lieut 3rd Mississippi D Fort Donaldson
Turner, J. H. Captain. 30th Tennessee E Fort Donaldson
Turner, L.W. 2nd Lieut 56th Virginia B Fort Donaldson
Turner, W. V. As. Surg. 50th Tennessee Fort Donaldson
Turntine, J.J 1st Lieut 40th Tennessee A Island 10
Tuttle C.E 2nd Lieut 1st Alabama K Island 10
Trothy, S.C. 1st Lieut 40th Tennessee E Island 10
Tyler, J. M. Private 15th Mississippi E Fishing Creek
Tripplet, M. Captain Virginia Rangers C Allegheny co.,Va. May 16, 1862
Umback, C. H. 2nd Lieut 1st Georgia Fort Pulaski
Ursey, R.L. 2nd Lieut 2nd Kentucky D Fort Donaldson
Vance, M. D. Captain 11th Arkansas A Island 10
Van Mater, D.S. Lieut 50th Tennessee Fort Donaldson
VanZadt, K.W. Captain 7th Texas D Fort Donaldson
Vasser, W. H. Com’ry 14th Mississippi Fort Donaldson
Vison, J. W. 2nd Lieut 26th North Carolina Newbern, N.C. March 14, 1862
Vorhies, A.H. Surgeon Fort Henry
Wade, F. T 2nd Lieut 32rd Tennessee Fort Donaldson
Waldrop, H.W. 1st Lieut 1st Mississippi B Fort Donaldson
Walker, C.H. Captain 3rd Tennessee G Fort Donaldson
Walker, J.F. Captain Fort Donaldson
Walker, J. W. Captain 9th Batt. Tennessee Cavalry A Fort Donaldson
Walker, J. W. Captain 42nd Tennessee B Fort Donaldson
*Walker, J. W. 1st Lieut 40th Tennessee C Island 10
Walker, R.D. Captain 1st Georgia Fort Pulaski
Walker, R.M. Captain 40th Tennessee G Island 10
Walker, R.S. 2nd Lieut 53rd Tennessee Fort Donaldson
Walker, S. P. 1st Lieut 40th Tennessee I Island 10
Walker, W.D. 2nd Lieut 48th Tennessee. K Fort Donaldson
Walters, J.C. 1st Lieut 26th Mississippi D Fort Donaldson
Wall, J.W. 2nd Lieut 49th Tennessee E Fort Donaldson
Wall, J.Q. 2nd Lieut Pt.Coupee Bat. B Island 10
Walton, J. L. Private 20th Tennessee D Mills Springs
Womack, W.J. 3rd Lieut 38th Tennessee G Shiloh April 7, 1862
Ward, J.S. 1st Lieut 50th Tennessee G Fort Donaldson
Warfield, C. 2nd Lieut Morgan’s Cavalry Lebanon
Warlick, J.N. Scrg. Maj. 55th Tennessee G Island 10
Warren, J.A. 1st Lieut 3rd Mississippi K Fort Donaldson
Waters, R..B. 2nd Lieut 8th Kentucky G Fort Donaldson
Watkins, C. 1st Lieut. 11th Arkansas. B Island 10.
Watts, W. O. 1st Lieut. 1st Tennessee Artillery. Fort Henry. Feb. 6, 1862
Weaver, H. 2nd Lieut. 41st Tennessee. Fort Donaldson.
Webb, B. F. Captain. 18th Tennessee. F Fort Donaldson.
Weed, F. F. Captain. Missouri State Guards. Saline co., Mo. Dec. 7, 1861
Weir, D. L. 2nd Lieut. 14th Mississippi. B Fort Donaldson.
Wiesinger, A. J. Com’ry. 4th Mississippi. Fort Donaldson.
Wiesinger, G. J. Private. 15th Mississippi. Mills Spring.
Welcker, B. F. Captain. 26th Tennessee. I Fort Donaldson.
Weldon, James W. Captain. 46th Tennessee. A Island 10.
Wells, E.M. Captain. 3rd Mississippi. H Fort Donaldson.
Werner, C. 2nd Lieut. 1st Georgia. Fort Pulaski.
Westbrook, J. W. 2nd Lieut. 4th Mississippi. Fort Donaldson.
Weston, J. A. 1st Lieut. 40th North Carolina. Newbern. March 14, 1862
Wheatly, H.D. As. H. S. 50th Tennessee. Fort Donaldson.
Wheeler, W. 1st Lieut. 40th North Carolina. Newbern. March 14, 1862
Whealing, C. E. Private. 1st Tennessee. I Cheat Mountain. Sept. 12, 1861
White, A. H. 2nd Lieut. 7th Texas. I Fort Donaldson.
White, A. L. 1st Lieut. 51st Virginia. Bloomery Gap. Feb. 16, 1862
White, J. A. 3rd Lieut. 1st Bat. Tennessee Infantry. E Fort Donaldson
White, J. M. 1st Lieut. 32nd Tennessee. D Fort Donaldson
White, J. R. Captain. 53rd Tennessee. I Fort Donaldson.
White, W. E. Captain. 17th Alabama. Huntsville, Ala. April 11, 1862
Whiteside, S. A. Captain. 48th Tennessee. B Fort Donaldson.
Whitfield, J. F. Captain. 1st Alabama. K Island 10.
Whitfield, J. H. Serg.Maj. 42nd Tennessee. Fort Donaldson.
Whitfield, J. R. 2nd Lieut. 11th Arkansas. G Island 10.
Whitfield, T. J. Captain. 42nd Tennessee. B Fort Donaldson.
Whittey, J. R. 1st Lieut. 55th Tennessee. B Island 10.
Whitty, J. T. 1st Lieut. Tennessee Bat. Infantry. E Fort Donaldson.
Whitson, S. M. Captain. 9th Bat. Tennessee Cavalry. Fort Donaldson.
Wilbourne, J. G. 1st Lieut. 1st Mississippi. E Fort Donaldson.
Wilkerson, T. 1st Lieut. 15th Arkansas. H Fort Donaldson.
Willard, P. F. 2nd Lieut. 2nd Div. Mo. State Guards. Kirksville, Mo. Nov. 28, 1861
Willford, G. H. 2nd Lieut. 8th Kentucky. D Fort Donaldson.
*Willhite, J. F. 1st Lieut. Missouri Rets. Milford, Mo. Dec. 19, 1861
Williams, B. F. 2nd Lieut. 26th Mississippi. C Fort Donaldson.
Williams, G. G. 2nd Lieut. 50th Tennessee. H Fort Donaldson.
Williams, J. B. 2nd Lieut. 50th Tennessee. G Fort Donaldson.
Williams, J. C. 1st Lieut. 20th Mississippi. D Fort Donaldson.
Williams, J. F. 2nd Lieut. 4th Mississippi. K Fort Donaldson.
Williams, J. V. 2nd Lieut. 20th Mississippi. I Fort Donaldson.
Williams, T. 2nd Lieut. 26th Mississippi. I Fort Donaldson.
Williams, T. L. 4th Sergt. 26th Mississippi. I Fort Donaldson.
Williams, J. H. 1st Lieut. 46th Tennessee. Island 10.
Williams, J. T. 1st Lieut. 46th Tennessee. E Island 10.
Williamson, A. J. 2nd Lieut. 40th Tennessee. A Island 10.
Williamson, W. T. 2nd Lieut. 1st Alabma C Island 10.
Wills, M. C. 2nd Lieut. 11th Arkansas. B Island 10.
Willis, G. T. 3rd Lieut. 26th Tennessee. G Fort Donaldson
Wilson, A. A. Chaplain 50th Tennesse Fort Donaldson
Wilson, J. P. 2nd Lieut. 42nd Tennesse A Fort Donaldson
Wilson, D. Captain 42nd Tennessee Fort Donaldson
Wilson, E. C. Q. M. 15th Arkansas. Fort Donaldson
Wilson, E. S. Com’ry. 32nd Tennessee Fort Donaldson
Wilson, J. D. Serg. Maj. 46th Tennessee Island 10.
*Wilson, R. A. 1st Lieut 49th Tennessee A Fort Donaldson
Wilson, R. M. 2nd Lieut 20th Mississippi A. Fort Donaldson
Wilson, W. 1st Lieut 89th Virginia H Bloomery Gap, Va. Jan 14, 1862
Wison, W. W. 1st Lieut 40th Tennessee F Island 10
Wimberly, L. M. 1st Lieut 3rd Alabama Bat. A Fort Donaldson
Winger, H. C. Adjutant. 11th Arkansas Island 10
*Winstead, J. M. Captain 32nd Tennessee G Fort Donaldson
Wimo, J. C. Captain 14th Mississippi B Fort Donaldson
Winston, E. Captain Gen. Zollicoffer’s Brigade Jacksboro’ March 14, 1862
Winston, W. C. 2nd Lieut Tennessee Artillery Island 10
Withers, T. H. 2nd Lieut 40th Tennessee K Island 10
*Witherspoon, A. J. Chaplain 21st Alabama Shiloh, Tennessee April 8, 1862
Wood, B. J. Captain. 18th Tennessee. I Fort Donaldson.
Wood, John H. Captain. 1st Alabama. E Island 10.
Wood, R. T. 2nd Lieut. 1st Alabama, Tenn. and Miss. I Island 10.
Wood, R. K. 1st Lieut. 1st Alabama Bat. C Fort Donaldson.
Wood, W. C. 1st Lieut. 22nd Alabama. Shiloh. April 7, 1862
Wood, W. J. Com’ry 18th Tennessee. Fort Donaldson.
Woods, A. F. Private. 15th Mississippi. I Fishing Creek. Jan. 18, 1862
Wooten, C. B. Captain. 5th Georgia. E Huntsville, Ala. April 11, 1862
Wooten, R. H. 2nd Lieut. 51st Tennessee. C Fort Donaldson.
Worley, W. Captain. 31st Tennessee. A Fort Donaldson.
Wren, W. T. 1st Lieut. 1st Bat Mississippi. Cavalry. Hickman, Ky. March 23, 1862
Wright, J. M. 2nd Lieut. 32nd Tennessee. E Fort Donaldson.
*Wright, John R. 1st Lieut. 1st Alabama, Tenn. and Miss. I Island 10.
Wen, Robert D. 2nd Lieut. Mississippi. Cavalry. B Rienzi, Miss. June 1, 1862
Welcher, H. J. Com’ry. 26th Tennessee. Fort Donaldson.
Willis, C. W. 1st Lieut. 21st Louisiana. E Corinth. May 28, 1862
Wilson, N. J. Captain. Response Bat. Shiloh. April 7, 1862
Wood, P. K. Lieut. 4th Mississippi. E Fort Donaldson.
Whelley, D. Marine C. S. N. Off Memphis. June 6, 1862
Williams, Geo. Marine C. S. N. Off Memphis. June 6, 1862
Webb, F. S. 1st Lieut. Tennessee.
Young, J. 2nd Lieut. 32nd Tennessee. Fort Donaldson.
*Young, W. G. 3rd Lieut. 3rd Mississippi. I Fort Donaldson.
*Young, W. F. Captain. 49th Tennessee. G Fort Donaldson.
Youngblood, R. A. 2nd Lieut. 18th Tennessee. A Fort Donaldson.


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Paroled Prisoners Arrived in Prison
List of Commands in Prison

¹ Barbiere, Joe, Lieut. Col. Late C.S.A. Scraps from the Prison Table, at Camp Chase and Johnson’s Island. Doylestown, PA: W.W.H. Davis, Printer, 1868.

* The asterisk in front of a name denotes names of POW’s who are included in a second list titled “Casualties and changes among Commissioned Officers after exchange”. For more information about a specific POW with an asterisk, e-mail jipres@johnsonsisland.org.