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LogoWe are committed to preserving and documenting the history of Ohio’s most significant Civil War site and to continue making that information available to the public. But we need your support! Your Membership and contributions help our efforts.

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2 thoughts on “Johnson’s Island Preservation Society & Museum”

  1. I visited the prison several years ago. My grandfather was a prisoner there from Oct. 1864 to his release in May 1865.
    I received acknowledgement of his being there. He was a Lieutenant in McGeeHee’s Cavalry (Arkansas) and was captured at the Battle of Westport. I am 85 and cannot make the trip back but wish the Museum the best (My father was born in 1873, his father was born in 1831. ) I was able to purchase some books about the prison, if you have others I would be interested in purchasing please let me know. Thank you.

  2. My great-great uncle (Wayland Fuller Dunaway) wrote a book called “Reminiscences of a Rebel” which he detailed his detention at Johnson’s Island.

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